What Happens During an Emotional Release Therapy Session?

Your first therapy session will be a little different from all the rest. In the first session, I will give a 20-minute introduction and preparation regarding how to approach the feeling session. I will go over some of the different ways that will help you to start to be able to begin to focus on the feelings inside of you.

All of my methods are done in a safe and gentle manner, which makes it easy for even a beginner to start this process. It starts with what you are feeling right at that moment. The feelings could be something you are aware of or something that you had no idea you were feeling because some feelings are subconscious.

Once the session begins and you start to feel, what happens next can vary quite a bit, but it will continue to progress towards more awareness of the feelings you hold inside. It will enable you to begin to release held-in feelings and be able to feel other emotions of which you you might have not been aware.

At a certain point when I feel you are ready, I will help you to start “re-parenting” yourself. This is the cathartic, healing aspect of feeling work where you can get some of your deepest emotional needs met.